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Shopping Tips For Layflat Hose Couplers

Layflat hoses are advantageous because, as their name implies, they can lay down completely flat when not being used. If you need to buy a coupler for this special type of house, you'll find these tips useful for your search.

Look for Exceptional Leak-Resistant Technology

When you turn on water and it goes through a layflat hose, you don't want any leaking to happen around the coupler. If it did, you could waste a lot of money and also over time, the water could damage the structure of the layflat hose coupler you invested in.

You want to get the best leak-resistant technology that you can regarding this type of coupler because then you won't ever question performance. You'll know the coupler creates a tight seal and water doesn't have an opportunity to leak out any time soon. 

Make Sure Locking Clamps Are Included

Even when you do thread a coupler onto the end of a layflat hose, some movement can still happen. If this happens too many times each day, there is a good chance of gaps being creating and water coming out at the wrong spots. 

If you ensure locking clamps come included with your layflat hose coupler, then movement will not be able to happen. The coupler will remain in place and continue providing optimal performance for the layflat hose that's being used around your property. 

Just make sure the locking mechanisms are well constructed so that you don't damage them and then subsequently can't utilize them moving forward. 

Get a Design That Doesn't Cause Wear to the Hose

When you go to connect a coupler to a layflat hose, you want to make sure you don't damage the hose because if you did, getting the coupler on in the future could prove very difficult. 

You need to ensure the coupler you choose won't cause any structural damage or wear to the layflat hose, even if it's taken on and off repeatedly throughout the week. Brass, for example, is a softer type of material that won't cause too much friction when the coupler is threaded onto a layflat hose. 

If you're looking to attach layflat hoses together or secure them onto a water-related system, you'll need high-quality couplers. You'll find some with ease if you take your time looking for couplers that are capable of lasting and are very easy to work with, whether you're taking them on or off. 

For more information, contact a layflat hose coupler supplier.