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Dry Ice Blast Your Dirty Factory Floors Clean

If you need to clean the dirty floors in your factory but don't want to use large amounts of water to do so, consider cleaning your floors with dry ice blasting services instead. Dry ice blasting is a special technique used to clean many types of surfaces without the use of water. Learn about dry ice blasting and how it can clean the floors in your factory by reading below.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Factories can stay busy throughout the day. Machines, people, and other traffic can create messes on your floors. Over time, your floors can build up with dirt, grime, and oil. Traditional floor cleaning machines may not fully remove the mess from your floors. However, innovative cleaning methods like dry ice blasting can clean and keep your floors clean all year round.

Dry ice blasting uses a substance called dry ice to clean dirty surfaces. When carbon dioxide freezes into a gas, it converts into dry ice. Carbon dioxide doesn't break down into a liquid once it melts. The substance turns back into a gas through a process called sublimation. This process makes dry ice ideal for cleaning surfaces that can't remain wet for long periods of time, such as the floors in your factory.

Dry ice blasting doesn't leave behind a sticky residue once it converts into a gas. You may or may not need to sweep or vacuum your floors after you dry ice blast them. 

If you think dry ice blasting is something you can use to clean your floors, contact an industrial cleaning company today.

How Do You Dry Ice Blast Your Floors?

Before an industrial cleaning company dry ice blasts your floors, they may evaluate the floors first. The evaluation can do several things, including revealing the amount of grime and dirt on your floors. If your floors are exceptionally dirty, grimy, or greasy, a company may need to repeat the cleaning process to remove everything from them.

After a company evaluates your floors, they'll make preparations to clean them. A company will need to ventilate the cleaning area before they blast your floors. Carbon dioxide can emit an odor in confined spaces. Ventilation keeps the cleaning area open and free for cleaning.

A company may visit your factory at a later date to check on the condition of your floors. The visit will help a company schedule your next floor cleaning.

If you need to dry ice blast your floors, contact a cleaning company today. A local cleaning company can tell you more about dry ice blasting services.