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Still Hand-Wrapping Your Pallets? Why Buy Turntable Wrapping Equipment

If you're still wrapping your shipments by hand, it's time for a change. It's time to invest in turntable wrapping equipment. You might think that wrapping your shipments by hand is an efficient way to handle the process. But, that's not the case. Turntable wrapping equipment takes the work out of shrink wrapping your shipments. If you don't think you need turntable wrapping equipment, read the list provided below. Here are five ways turntable wrapping equipment will benefit operations. 

Avoid Environmental Damage

When you wrap your pallets by hand, you increase the risk of environmental damage. Things like dirt, dust, and moisture can destroy your products. Unfortunately, hand-wrapping your pallets doesn't ensure complete protection. That's because hand-wrapping can leave gaps and spaces in the shrink wrap. That's where turntable wrapping equipment comes into the picture. Wrapping machines provide a secure wrap for your pallets. That means your products get the protection they need from environmental damage. 

Increase Workplace Safety

If you want to improve workplace safety, now's the time to invest in turntable wrapping equipment. Hand-wrapping your pallets can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. First, your workers can suffer strains and sprains while hand-wrapping the pallets. Second, hand-wrapped pallets are more likely to come apart during transport. Forklift operators can sustain injuries moving around the forklift to wrap the pallets. You can avoid those injuries by investing in turntable wrapping equipment. 

Save Time and Money

If you want to save time and money on the wrapping process, turntable wrapping equipment can help. Automatic shrink wrapping takes less time than hand-wrapping. Automatic wrapping equipment also uses less shrink wrap. That means you'll spend less time on the process and spend less money on the shrink wrap. Also, because your pallets are safe and secure, you'll spend less on product loss. 

Improve Productivity

If your warehouse isn't as productive as it could be, it's time to look at the equipment. If your crew uses hand-wrap methods for pallet wrapping, they're spending more time on the process. Unfortunately, loss of productivity costs the company money. That's why you need turntable wrapping equipment. With automatic wrapping equipment, your crew can accomplish more tasks during the day. As a result, you'll increase productivity and profits. 

Ensure Consistency

If you're using hand-wrapping methods for your shipments, look at the consistency. With hand-wrap methods, your pallets don't get a consistent wrap. You won't have that problem with automatic wrapping equipment. Turntable wrapping equipment ensures consistent wraps every time. 

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